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Redragon A117 Mechanical Keyboard Switch Lube

Redragon A117 Mechanical Keyboard Switch Lube

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KEYBOARD SWITCH LUBRICANT: Maintain the best-sounding, smoothest click, and highest-quality keyboard with the Redragon Keyboard Switch Lubricant. *Please Note* Brushes not included with purchase, lubricant only.

DIY KEYBOARD ENTHUSIASTS: This jar of lubricate weighs about 0.35 oz, you can grease up to 300 switches!

IMPROVE YOUR DIY MECHANICAL KEYBOARD: Experience a smoother click, less rattling, and a reduced tactile bump after treating your mechanical keyboard with this grease. Using the Redragon Switch Lube can help to prolong the life of your favorite DIY keyboard.

EASY-TO-USE SWITCH LUBE: Improve the sound and touch of your mechanical keyboard. If your keys are jammed, scratchy, dull, loose, or have a weak spring-back this Redragon Lubricant will revitalize your DIY keyboard.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The DIY Keyboard Lube works with different mechanical keyboard switches including linear, clicky, and tactile keycaps. It can even grease keyboard stabilizers, springs, and balance bars.

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